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Handwriting Experts USA Rates

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All the buttons on this page are utilized to pay for the services of Bart Baggett or one of his Certified Document Examiners. Please make sure to check the total in your shopping cart before you check out, to make sure it's correct.  Initial review and consultation can be handled on a telephone call. The typical on-questioned document case starts as low as a $2500 flat rate. The more complicated cases which include multiple Questioned documents, multiple suspects, or specific advanced forensic tests will be higher.  We give detailed flat rate quotes for all clients so there are no surprises or additional hidden fees as the case moves through the court system. Court dates are booked and reserved only after we have rendered an official opinion.  The rate sheet for court appearances and depositions are below and are only billed if your case needs that additional service.  9 out of 10 of our clients never require an in-person court testimony because our 'lab reports' are so well crafted and detailed that they convey our position very clearly. Settlements are common and Mr. Baggett's name carries a lot of weight with opposing counsels coast to coast.

Flat Rate Billing Option

New Document Examination Case, Lab work, Verbal & Written Opinion by a Court Qualified Expert on our Team.

(One questioned document, One suspected writer — unlimited known documents delivered electronically)This is the base price to start your case.  Please call for a flat rate quote as many cases require additional activities or services not included in this price.  Prices could higher for a specific expert of your choice.


Each Additional Questioned Document as part of the case

Clients using the Flat Rate Option. For additional suspects. Please call for custom pricing. Some cases vary with evidence.


Rush Fee (12 – 48 hour turnaround, weekends/holidays)

+ 100%

Rush Fee (3-5 business days hour turnaround)

+ 50%

Time Based Billing Option

General Retainer Fee


Bart Baggett Hourly Rate

This applies to attorney consultations, depositions, and unforeseen specialized lab work requested as the case progresses. Testimonies are billed at a flat day rate. Cases are never billed hourly as we have a team of specialist who work on a case and our office guarantees our flat rate upfront and no billing surprised ever happen.


Designation Fee

(instead of General Retainer. This does not include any examinations and this is non-refundable fee to use Mr. Baggett's name and goodwill in your preliminary findings and prevent him from being retained by the opposing party.)


Attorney Consultation (hourly rate):


On-Site Inspection of Documents, Microscopic photography, scans, and post-production. 

(Current Clients Only. 90 minutes maximum) Travel fees apply outside a 29 mile radius of the local office.


Administration Fee


Travel Expenses:

Driving (hourly, plus $0.50 per mile)

$50.00 / hour

$.62 / mile (round trip)

Travel Time 

Hourly travel time from doorstep to doorstep regardless of air, plane, or train.

The actual cost of the ticket are billed seperately.

$50.00 / hour

Lodging (per night or actual cost)


Meals (daily / per diam)


Court Testimony

(Must be paid in full prior to court)  All court RSVP dates are non-refundable.  Signed Court RSVP form must be on file and the casework must be complete with an official opinion rendered before any clients reserves a court date.  Please do not use this button until your verbal or written opinion has been issued by our office. In Person testimony will be more due to travel time and expenses. 


$3000 Court Appearance

Court Display Preparation


$650.00 / Hour

Deposition Time

(Hourly, 3 hour minimum)

$650.00 / Hour

Miscellaneous Expenses May Include:

Overnight Delivery. Plus Actual Shipping Fees. 


Postage/Delivery Fees


$1 Units for Document Examination Services

$1 / unit

If you are planning on hiring a document examiner solely based on a fair price, you are in luck. Despite Mr. Baggett's deep experience and reputation, he has maintained a similar price structure as his graduating students and industry peers so that the clients can choose based on 'quality' and not price. Bart Baggett's rate schedule is in the normal range of document examiners nationwide for testimonial time and courtroom appearances… the prices listed above for the initial consultation, lab work, and letter of opinion are firmly in the average industry prices. But, Mr. Baggett is not the cheapest in the United States. If you want a “discount price", please contact one of Mr. Baggett's students or a less experienced examiner.

Choose your expert based on quality, not price.

Bart Baggett has been court-qualified over 120 times.  He also testified in Texas, Missouri, Florida, California, New York, Alaska, and Arizona Courts in cases ranging from the value of a 1974 Pickup truck to the “stock certificate" of a 20 million-dollar company. When your case requires the most polished, professional, and articulate forensic document expert witness working today, hire Bart Baggett. Call and speak with him today.